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Literawiki vs Wikipedia

Reasons I'd rather edit this wiki than literature related articles in wikipedia:

  • Here I can write in a more informal tone, more fun.
  • Some articles in wikipedia are so good and complete I really don't have what to add. I can have fun writing on those topics here, and maybe start them from another angle.
  • Some articles in wikipedia are completely fucked up. But too many people have alredy contributed and you can't just go and rewrite them from the scratch. You have to go to the talk page first, try and convince the prvious editors their article sucks. Maybe involve in endless discussions or just being ignored. It's just a lot easier and fun to write them here. Two examples: Metafiction (compare to WP's lousy version) and Point of view (WP's totally wrong version). Another WP's article I wouldn't dare to touch is Literature. We'll see if I can make something nice over here.
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