Aragorn from Lord of The Rings.

Hello! My name is Ghgt99, and I really love reading.

About my Awesomeness

If you vandalize I will track you down and you will be taken care of by my contacts in the C.I.A. * It will all look like an accident... VANDALS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

I just got back to school, so I will be on a fair bit less now. But I will still edit.

I play Team Fortress 2.

And... my favorite book is... see below.

I am mediocrely good at Wikia coding, and I have a large collection of books, so I can add about 2000 pages to the wiki.

Goals on this Wiki

  • 10 edits done
  • 25 edits done
  • 50 edits done
  • 100 edits done
  • 150 edits
  • 250 edits
  • 500 edits
  • 1000 edits
  • 2500 edits
  • 3000 edits
  • 5000 edits
  • 6000 edits
  • 8000 edits
  • 10,000 edits
  • Being a Rollback
  • Being an Administrator
  • Being a Bureaucrat

Favorite Books

(this is in no particular order)


Or the admins of this wiki

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