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My main user page is on the Central Wikia. You may send me e-mail via Special:EmailUser/CocoaZen. (I don't check that account very often, so it may be a little while before you get a response. Please be patient. For a faster response, you can ask that I check my e-mail on my talk page.

My contributions to this Wikia. [[Special:Editcount/CocoaZen|Special:Editcount/CocoaZen]] edits. (Since we started achievement badges 2011-01-18, and I've been editing since 2006-10-07, they don't really reflect my contributions, but I think it's a fun idea anyway.)

One of my favorite books is The Bone People. I like many different kinds of books, but recently I've been reading mostly mysteries.

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My "To Read" List

If you have a suggestion for me, please leave a note on my talk page.
Currently reading:

  • misc articles

Interrupted reading:

These are some of the books in my current "to read" pile:


My main user and talk pages are on the Central Wikia.  
Currently, I'm working mostly on the Home wikia.  
No special projects at the current time -- too much "real life" interference. :-)
Please stop by and answer the poll on the main page of the Home wikia.

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