Cover art for First Term at Trebizon, the first novel of the Trebizon series

Stillhouse Lake is a school story novel series written by Anne Digby. This series debuted with "First Term at Trebizon" in October 1979. The series is made up of fourteen novels.


The novel series follow the protagonist Rebecca Mason from when she joins a fictional school, Trebizon, in the first term through to the end of her fifth year. A major theme throughout the series is Rebecca's involvement in tennis, due to her talent and skills in this sports. Other major characters in this series include Rebecca's two best friends, Tish Anderson and Susan Murdoch, as well as her boyfriend Robbie Anderson.

Book list

Book Title Publisher Date
1 First Term at Trebizon W. H. Allen October 1978
2 Second Term at Trebizon February 1979
3 Summer Term at Trebizon August 1979
4 Boy Trouble at Trebizon Granada August 1980
5 More Trouble at Trebizon March 1981
6 The Tennis Term at Trebizon January 1982
7 Summer Camp at Trebizon June 1982
8 Into the Fourth at Trebizon November 1982
9 The Hockey Term at Trebizon February 1984
10 Fourth Year Triumphs at Trebizon October 1985
11 The Ghostly Term at Trebizon Puffin Books February 1990
12 Fifth Year Friendships at Trebizon June 1990
13 Secret Letters at Trebizon Straw Hat January 1993
14 The Unforgettable Fifth at Trebizon May 1994
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