"The amok of Pedro" is a narrative poem written by Brazilian bishop Robinson Cavalcanti in 1996 to the American bishop Douglas Cameron. The poem describes the fictional story of Pedro, who kills twelve followers of Jesus Christ.


Pedro is a man who never had any followers, He meets with Jesus Christ, who presents Pedro with twelve followers of his. Pedro begins to feel excited, The followers are: Apollos, Evodius, Archippus, Sosthenes, Barnabas, Onesiphorus, Andrew, Moses, Judas, Philip, Simon and Nathanael.

The aforementioned people begin to follow Pedro, and Pedro transforms into an arrogant person. He visits Jesus sometimes and helps Jesus to transform water into wine one day.

But on March 30, Pedro gets into a conversation with Jesus. Jesus begins to suspect Pedro and says, "You aren't the prophet; i want my sons back." Pedro gets infuriated.

On April 3, Pedro calls his followers to a forest, telling them a miracle will happen on the sun. As soon as they look at the sun, he pulls out a dagger and stabs all of the twelve people present, all of whom die. He then calls Jesus to witness the scene; Jesus is terrified by the murders. He does not panic, however. He puts his hands onto Pedro's head, saying "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do".

After saying the phrase seven times, he says Pedro "Go ahead." Pedro leaves and is not heard from anymore.

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