The Weenies series is a series of children's fantasy short stories written by David Lubar.


In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

1. "Fairy in a Jar" - A boy catches a fairy with sharp teeth and a bad attitude. She makes a deal with him that he foolishly accepts.

2. "The Touch" - A girl breaks a trinket at a flea market, then gets cursed by doing so. The curse makes her lose everything she owns, including herself.

3. "At the Wrist" - A boy losses his father's hand. It comes back to punish him.

4. "Crizzles" - A boy storms to the house of a classmate he does not know very well. The classmate's grandfather tells the boy a scary story about monsters and then invites him for a walk.

5. "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" - A game involving patterns and repetitions get out of hand.

6. "The Evil Tree" - A young student finds a tree with a man as a guardian of it. The man tells the boy he is protecting the world from evil and the boy's curiosity makes the boy open the tree door.

7. "Kidzilla" - A boy has an interesting day after waking up as a fire-breathing lizard.

8. "Everyone's a Winner" - A boy gets jealous when he sees another boy with an armful of prizes at a carnival. He then gets terrified when he discovers the prizes are a trap.

9. "A Little Off The Top" - A boy with a wild imagination finds a stranger in place of his regular barber. The stranger has a razor.

10. "The Slide" - A mean babysitter lets the kid she is taking care of go onto a slide. She then realizes that she never see the children at the top but only at the bottom. Her realization comes a little too late.

11. "Big Kids" - A boy who hates bullies gets chased by them, but then the bullies get chased by "big kids", who dislike bullies.

12. "Your Worst Nightmare" - After a bully tells his victim "I'm your worse nightmare", he learns the true meaning of the phrase.

13. "Phone Ahead" - A boy finds out that a cell phone allows him to listen to future conversations.

14. "Sand Sharks" - A girl is always taunted by her brother. When the brother gets eaten by a sand shark on dry land, she thinks he is teasing her.

15. "On the Road" - A boy on a family trip in the backseat of his car wonders if the trip will end, but finds out it will never end.

16. "The Language of Beasts" - A girl who hates people wishes she could understand the animals. When she gets her wish, she finds out what the animals think of her.

17. "Class Trip" - A clueless substitute teacher takes a class of werewolves to a planetarium. When the full moon comes, it is over for him.

18. "Collared" - Two boys stumble across a vampire. Their bravery is tested.

19. "The Substitute" - A girl is teased by her classmates. When a substitute science teacher asks her to participate in an experiment on conductivity she flees the classroom and faces herself with a moral decision.

20. "The Vampire's Rat" - A boy takes a rat for a pet after seeing a vampire sucking its blood. Bad idea.

21. "Slugs" - A team of children chase their ball into a spooky woman's hous. They find out she is a magical person, because she turns them into animals which they resemble. Everybody likes the change, except for one child.

22. "Snakeland" - A boy on a family vacation sneaks into a reptile zoo, hoping to see the python get fed. Things go wrong but not the way the reader expects.

23. "Burger and Fries" - A boy finds out how anyone can sell hamburgers in his family business, but the answer stinks.

24. "Game Over" - A girl borrows her brother's video game and plugs it in an old outlet in the attic. She finds herself playing a game that is much absorbing that she would like.

25. "Smunkies" - Sea monkeys get fed plant fertilizer, so they grow dangerously large.

26. "Pretty Polly" - A girl's father brings home a parrot that starts to threaten the girl.

27. "Join the Party" - A lonely boy gets invited in a party young people are having. It eventually dawns on him that all of the other guests are ghosts, and he wonders if he will become a ghost too.

28. "The Billion Legger" - A boy tries to kill a centipede but it thwart his tempts, it also grows larger each evening.

29. "The Battle Ax" - Boys playing in the woods find an ancient battle ax. When one of them touches it, the spirit of a lunatic possesses the boy.

30. "In the Land of the Lawn Weenies" - A boy moves to a town where everyone is obsessed with having a spectacular lawn, so he fears his parents might be obsessed with the frenzy, too.

31. "Sunburn" - Two girls try to get to know a new girl, but when they respond to her indifference with a mean prank, they fid out who she really is.

32. "Thin Silk" - A boy, stuck in a mind-numbingly boring family vacation, runs away and finds himself in trouble when he finds a big spider.

33. "The Witch's Monkey" - A girl enthralled with monkeys finds out that an old lady in her town has one as a pet. When she tries to take a sneak peek at it, she ends up much closer that she would like.

34. "As You Say" - Boys tease a girl, so she curses them. From that moment, everybody finds out what they say becomes true, literally.

35. "Hide" - A boy's younger brother is afraid of cows. His fear turns out not to be groundless.

Invasion of the Road Weenies

1. "The Last Halloween" - A girl wonders whether she is too old for Halloween. Her decision to go out one last time leads her to an act of bravery.

2. "Bed Tings" - A boy has three bad things happen to him one morning. Since bad things come in threes, he feels he wrongly is safe for the day.

3. "The Dead Won't Hurt You" - A boy who is scared of the dead accepts a dare to enter a cemetery. Once inside, he encounters much more natural horror, but is rescued by things he does not fear.

4. "Copies" - A girl and her little brother photocopy various body parts in their father's office.

5. "Shaping the Fog" - Three children sneak out of their house to make objects from the fog.

6. "Willard's Oppositional Notebook" - A boy finds a notebook that has special powers: whatever he writes; the opposite happens. He figures out a way to become immortal, but things do not turn out as planned.

7. "A Tiny Little Piece" - A girl steals a small piece of bandage from a mummy. That night, the mummy comes to her bedroom and takes a single hair. Unfortunately for the girl, there are many mummies in her future.

8. "The La Brea Toy Pits" - A family vacation goes in a terrible direction when a wrong turn takes them to the toy pits rather than the tar pits.

9. "Mr. Lambini's Haunted House" - A girl who claims to have no fear enters a neighborhood haunted house.

10. "Numbskull" - A boy loses control of what he says when his mouth gets numbed.

11. "A Little Night Fishing" - Two boys go night fishing, but when one of their hooks cannot reel in a fish, the line between the hunter and the prey gets blurred.

12. "Precious Memories" - A boy discovers that when he erases a video tape, the event itself vanishes from memory.

13. "Baby Talk" - A girl's little brother starts talking to her, then he starts making demands.

14. "Unseen" - A boy discovers that when he walks far enough down the street with his eyes closed, the world will have changed when he opens his eyes again.

15. "Flyers" - A girl finds a series of flyers that seem to possess predictive powers. She tries to find the source to make her own flyer too.

16. "Every Autumn - A boy wonders why someone disappears every autumn as he is walking home from school.

17. "Goose Eggs" - A goose starts to lay golden eggs, and then a boy hoards them before figuring out the truth a little bit late.

18. "Fresh from the Garden" - A girl makes a vegetable garden behind her house, and finds the truth about the former owner.

19. "The Covered Bridge" - A girl has a fear of walking through covered bridges. When another girl teases her, she discovers there are more scary things to fear.

20. "Buzz Off" - A bee lands on a boy's hand, so he is afraid to move. More bees come. They go away, but then it gets worse.

21. "Just Desserts" - A boy on a fishing trip with his uncle learns that "eat desserts before" is not at all bad advice.

22. "The Whole Nine Yards" - Two boys see a pair of footprints in the newly poured sidewalk. They try to find out what happened.

23. "The Green Man" - A boy tries to track down a green man after hearing rumors about one.

24. "Dizzy Spells" - Two boys discover that their wishes come true when getting dizzy. But actually, dizzy boys make bad wishes.

25. "The Tank" - A boy thinks there is a monster in the septic tank. He is right.

26. "Anything You Want" - A young boys finds a genie who grants him three wishes. Unfortunately, the boy does not annunciate very well.

27. "Lines" - A girl steps out of a line heading to the auditorium, and she finds out she stepped away from existence.

28. "Wandering Stu" - A boy is so selfish that he disappears to a place where there are no other people. He is told to stay there until he does something nice.

29. "Tarnation" - Two boys test out that is expected to summon a monster. It works.

30. "Ten Pounds of Chocolate" - A woman gives out huge chocolate bars on Halloween. Two girls are happy and surprised by their fortune, until they find the truth behind the generosity.

31. "The Boy Who Wouldn't Talk" - A boy never speaks in class. Other students wonder why, so one of them follow him home, and find the "weedy" truth.

32. "Invasion of the Road Weenies" - A boy starts to wonder why the joggers he sees in his hometown are never happy.

33. "We Interrupt This Program" - A boy finds a hidden button in the back of his remote control which inserts him into a program.

34. "The Smell of Death" - A boy's father uses more and more powerful pesticides on his lawn, but the insects mutate into more and more powerful adversaries.

35. "The Shortcut" - Two boys find a shortcut through a hospital, and end up getting locked in the morgue.

The Curse of the Campfire Weenies

1. "Mr. HooHaa!" - A boy struggles against his fear of clowns, but come to grip with it when he discovers it actually is not irrational.

2. "You Are What You Eat" - A boy turns into a baby when he accidentally eats baby food.

3. "Spin" - A boy likes spinning things, which annoys his older brother. When the older brother is mean, he finds out the danger of small things spinning at high speed.

4. "The Tunnel of Terror" - A girl closes her eyes during a horrifying amusement park ride. But she has not avoided seeing horrifying views, she has only postponed the experience.

5. "A Nice Clean Place" - A girl falls into an immaculate world beneath our own, and discovers why pigeons do their droppings.

6. "Tied Up" - A boy finds himself in a never-ending baseball game. Eventually, he realizes the only way to exit is to break the tie.

7. "Predators" - A boy decides to meet his internet buddy in person, after dark at a rocky quarry.

8. "The Curse of the Campfire Weenies" - A girl and her little brother are forced to endure their parents' annoying friend during a camping trip.

9. "Cat Napped" - A cat catches a leprechaun and the cat's greedy owner imagines a pot of gold, so he gets what he deserves.

10. "The Unforgiving Tree" - After a boy injuries a tree, the tree comes back for payback.

11. "Bobbing for Dummies" - Two unruly children destroy a Halloween party.

12. "Eat a Bug" - A lonely girl wanders around the playground, compelled to visit the only lonely girl. That girl makes a horrifying request.

13. "Throwaways" - After he jokes around with his father's autographed baseball, a boy is dumped in the trash.

14. "Touch the Bottom" - A boy tries to touch the bottom of a deep lake. On the way down, he encounters a creature of the depths that is trying to touch the surface.

15. "The Genie of the Necklace" - When a girl summons a genie from her necklace, he offers her a bet that seems to good to be true. She can have anything she wants, and he asks for a "very little bit" in return, but a "very little bit" can turn out to be anything.

16. "Alexander Watches a Play" - Alexander watches a play about a boy watching a play, which itself is about a boy watching a play, and so on.

17. "Mrs. Barunki" - All the students do not like their math teacher, and she is not fond of them either. She is about to retire, but she is leaving a lasting legacy.

18. "Murgopana" - A boy travels with his father to a tropical island where the father is learning and studying the language. When the natives scream a warning and flee in panic, the boy and his father decipher things just a little too late.

19. "Eat Your Veggies" - When a boy refuses to eat his greens, he lets free a chain of events that results in an unexpected disaster.

20. "Inquire Within" - Two girls see an ad in the newspaper offering money to anyone who turns in the names of the witches. Greed gets the better of them, and they start making a list.

21. "Three" - A boy wonders what will happen if he does not talk back to the parent who warns him "I'm counting to three".

22. "Fat Face" - A fat boy finally stands up to one of his bullies.

23. "The Soda Fountain" - A boy goes to his local soda fountain every Saturday. He discovers something weird about his routine.

24. "Sniffles" - A boy discovers that his allergy doctor is using him to spread out sniffles and make sicker new patients, so the boy creates a creative way to get payback.

25. "Sidewalk Chalk" - Two girls find a sidewalk chalk with a magical power--whatever they draw turns to real life, but one of them is a bad drawer.

26. "Don't Ever Let It Touch the Ground" - A boy's little brother allows a flag to touch the ground, but then ghosts from the Revolutionary War come and visit the boy.

27. "Picking Up" - A boy picks up the frenzy in his room, and tries to find out why he doesn't know some of his things.

28. "Head of the Class" - A boy who isn't good at school makes a wish he is always right, and the wish comes true, but discovers there's a down side to being both right and wrong.

29. "Halfway Home" - A girl walking home from school ponders Zeno's paradox, and wonders why she doesn't look to be getting home.

30. "Hop to It" - Two boys follow a grasshopper and taunt it. Things turn out horribly.

31. "Nothing Like a Hammock" - A boy goes to pay a visit a classmate he doesn't know. When he goes into the wrong backyard, he discovers that not all hammocks are alike.

32. "Puncturation" - A girl who was held off getting her ears pierced finally decides to do that. The experience is harmless, but also far peculiar.

33. "The Chipper" - A boy who has a fear of chippers finds himself not comfortable close to one. His fear grows when it shows up in his backyard at night.

34. "Mug Shots" - A group of kids that are lost in the woods, find a cabin with strange mugs.

35. Forgotten Monsters" - Monsters disappear when everybody stop thinking about them. One monster tries to return.

The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies

1. "All the Rage" - A boy never gets angry, so his classmates decide to see how far they can anger him.

2. "Frakendance" - A girl doesn't have a date for the school dance, so her dad makes her one, Stitchy.

3. "The Ratty Old Bumbershoot" - A boy borrows an umbrella with no thinking of returning it. The umbrella has other ideas.

4. "Dear Author" - A boy writes a letter to his favorite author. The author steals the boy's ideas.

5. "The Wizard's Mandolin" - A wizard uses his mandolin for weaving spells. Another, but envious of him, wizard steals that.

6. "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" - A loud boy lets bad things happen to him when he gets on a rickety old carnival ride.

7. "Yackity-Yack" - When a girl's attempts to cast a spell goes awry, she is forced to speak without stopping.

8. "Wish Away" - A boy is offered the opportunity to join the League of Wishers, which will allows him to wish anything he wants, but there's a catch, of course.

9. "The Department Store" - A boy has to spend a night in an old department store to join some cool kids, but goes wrong when mannequins come alive.

10. "The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies" - Two boys, one from Texas and another from Mexico get in a contest of the hottest peppers.

11. "Just Like Me" - A girl is given a doll that looks like her, but her mother treats the doll like a person, the girl tries to get rid of it.

12. "What's Eating the Vegans?" - A boy fears that his vegans relatives will ruin Thanksgiving, but the real trouble starts when giant turkeys show up at the house and eat the vegans.

13. "Let's Have a Big Hand for Gerald" - A boy's hand starts growing larger. Things get out of hand.

14. "Bird Shot" - A boy realizes one of his fellow campers is shooting birds with a BB gun, so he must stop him.

15. "The Princess and the Pea Brain" - A less-than-bright prince does poorly when given the task of putting a pea beneath ten matresses.

16. "Petro-fied" - A boy walking home to school during a fierce storm, accepts a ride from his neighbor, though he is dismayed by the neighbors gas guzzling vehicle. Then he leaves the car when he sees ghostly dinosaurs.

17. "Time Out" - A boy messes with his friend's father's time machine.

18. "Galactic Zap" - A boy finds out he has an amazing power to play a video game. The game's actually a test.

19. "The Taste of Terror" - A girl and her friends get captured by a witch who eats fear, so they try to escape.

20. "The Cat Almost Gets a Bath" - The Sanderson family try to bathe their cat, but the cat has other ideas.

21. "Yesterday Tomorrow" - A boy breaks his desk clock, he starts to wake each morning to find a day earlier than when sleeping, which means he can get away with everything since nobody remembers his misdeeds. It works, for a while.

22. "Take A Whack At This" - A boy believes his father sent him a piñata. When his birthday guests break it open, it's not candy...

23. "King of the Hill" - A boy bullies his way to the top of a hill, where he encounters the real king of the hill.

24. "Book Banning" - A boy finds himself banned by books after ripping the page of a book.

25. "Braces" - A girl gets a bargain set of unusual braces.

26. "Turkey Calls" - A boy doesn't follow the instructions while building a turkey call, and calls something less desirable.

27. "Reel" - A boy sneaks in a movie that uses a new technology that makes the movie feel like real life, which is not a good idea for a horror movie.

28. "Bad Luck" - A boy encounters a person of "bad luck" and tries to stop him.

29. "Rattled Nerves" - A boy skips out his class as they tour a reptile exhibit. He discovers things in the woods are scarier than snakes.

30. "Smart Little Suckers" - A boy finds out he gets smarter every time weird mosquitoes in his backyard bite him. But he's not smart with his mistake.

31. "Overdue Onto Others" - A girl checks out a personality book. She likes it so much, she doesn't want to return it, claiming it's lost, but the library has a special response to this.

32. "Put on Your Happy Face" - A boy succeeds his dream of becoming a clown. When he has his clown face, he discovers why even the happy clowns look sad.

33. "Moods" - A girl brings a mood ring to school, which she discovers it reveals just more than feelings...

34. "Keep your Spirits Up" - A boy makes a fatal decision in a roller coaster, so he tries to fit in with other ghosts.

35. "Sting, Where is Thy Death?" - A boy's creepy cousin tries to use magic to mend his broken ankle, she ends up bringing something not pleasant back to life. 

Attack of the Vampire Weenies

1. "Not Another Word" - A boy who can't stand mimes decides to drive one away by mocking him.

2. "Get Out of Gym for Free" - A gym teacher offers his students a way for one kid to get out of gym free for the whole year, but the students discover he has an ulterior motive.

3. "Ghost in the Well" - A girl is lured to a well by a ghost who asks the girl to help her find peace. Things are not what they seem. 

4. "It's Only a Game" - A boy gets hooked up an ancient video game to modern technology. He finds himself playing a game much more realistic than he realizes.

5. "Attack of the Vampire Weenies" - A boy tries to convince his older sister that vampires aren't handsome and sparkly. So he invites a real vampire to crush their party. Or at least, only 1 vampire...

6. "Rapt Punzel" - A dad steals the cable signal of a witch and the witch takes away his daughter and puts her in a tower, where she grows and does nothing but see TV and let her hair grow.

7. "In One Ear" - A boy steals some high-tech headphones, he finds out what "organic" really means.

8. "Fourth and Inches" - A boy watching his favorite football team finds himself on the field with a tough call to make.

9. "MutAnts" - A boy tries to destroy a mob of ants, but they keep growing in shocking ways.

10. "Cat Got Your Nose?" - A girl's father promises her she can get a kitten if she can prove that cats don't smell. She works right away on a formula that will prove it.

11. "The Ride of a Lifetime" - After an electric storm ruins his plans to ride a new rollercoaster, a boy steals a ticket for a midnight ride.

12. '"Chirp" - Sean becomes a bird when he says "Chirp". After keeping his secret for years, he finally finds someone to trust his secret.

13. "Bruja" - After killing her sister's fish while on Mexico, a girl seeks help from a Bruja who gives her a potion to bring the fish back to life.

14. "Elf Improvement" - An elf starts tormenting Gerald at school, getting him in all sort of troubles.

15. "Sun Damage" - Two boys discover a man chained to a wall beneath a basement door. When they claim he's a vampire, they try to expose him to sunshine.

16. "Sweet Soap" - A boy inventor builds a machine that makes soap taste like candy. But when everybody gets fat and stinky, he goes back to the drawing board.

17. "Roadwork" - A boy wonders why the crew at the end of his street never do any work. When he asks them why, he gets an unexpected answer.

18. "Finders Losers" - When tot-finders stickers get damaged, bad things happen to kids whose stickers fell of.

19. "Cloudy With a Chance of Message" - When a girl sees a cryptic message in the clouds, she tries to decipher it.

20. "Family Time" - A boy is frustrated by his inability to understand the game his family plays every week.

21. "Gee! Ography!" - A boy manages to do well in a geography bee, despite not knowing the answers.

22. "The Spider Shouter" - A boy finds out he can make spiders do what he wants by shouting at them.

23. "The Pyramid Man" - A man comes to a village and offers to make everyone rich by selling small, wooden pyramids that they can sell to each other.

24. "Walk the Dog" - A girl does not take a dog for a walk for a long time, at which the dog teaches her a lesson.

25. "Warm Rain" - Two boys get lost in a museum's rain-forest exhibit during a field trip.

26. "Last One Out" - A boy who loves being first ends up in a situation where he doesn't last.

27. "Dragon Around" - When a princess is captured by a dragon so he can lure knights to his cave, she finds a way to keep him happy without any need for bloodshed.

28. "Lost and Found" - Two boys find a monogrammed napkin and decide to return it to its owner, for a reward.

29. "Cooties" - A boy wonders where the cooties end up when kids stop passing them around.

30. "My Science Project" - A boy's science is stolen by bullies. They realize their mistake of stealing it.

31. '"The Blacker Cat" - A girl is given a copy of Poe's "The Black Cat" by her uncle. The story scares her. The next day, the uncle gives her a cat.

32. "Little Guys" - A boy sees tiny people in the model house that came with his train set. He is not nice with them.

33. "A Cure for the Uncommon Vampire" - After a boy finds a cure for vampirism, he sets to give it for those who need it: vampires.

Beware the Ninja Weenies

1. "Playing Solo" - Plot unknown

2. "Gorgonzola" - Plot unknown

3. "Blowout" - Plot unknown

4. "Christmas Carol" - Plot unknown

5. "Tresholds of Pain" - Plot unknown

6. "Smart Food" - Plot unknown

7. "The Art of Alchemy" - Plot unknown

8. "Magnifying the Tragedy" - Plot unknown

9. "Sweet Dreams" - Plot unknown

10. "Chipmunks Off the Old Block" - Plot unknown

11. "Stuck Up" - Plot unknown

12. "The Snow Globe" - Plot unknown

13. "The Iron Wizard Goes A-Courtin" - Plot unknown

14. "Fortunate Accidents" - Plot unknown

15. "Big Bang" - Plot unknown

16. "Laps" - Plot unknown

17. "Bedbugs" - Plot unknown

18. "The Valley of Lost Treasures" - Plot unknown

19. "Catfishing in America" - Plot unknown

20. "Poser" - Plot unknown

21. "Beware the Ninja Weenies" - Plot unknown

22. "Little Bread Riding Hood" - Plot unknown

23. "Gulp" - Plot unknown

24. "Spring Behind, Fall Ahead" - Plot unknown

25. "The Garden of Gargoyles" - Plot unknown

26. "Alien Biology" - Plot unknown

27. "Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder" - Plot unknown

28. "The Dark Side of Brightness" - Plot unknown

29. "Day Careless" - Plot unknown

30. "Rat Slayers" - Plot unknown

31. "Frigid Regulations" - Plot unknown

32. "Dog Gone" - Plot unknown

Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies

1. "After the Apocalypse" - A boy and his family narrowly escape a zombie apocalypse...or do they?

2. "Dead Meat" - Plot unknown

3. "My New Hat" - Plot unknown

4. "Fabrications" - Plot unknown

5. "Plague Your Eyes" - Plot unknown

6. "Control Issues" - Plot unknown

7. "Mr. Chompywomp" - Plot unknown

8. "Flesh Drive" - Plot unknown

9. "Gothic Horrors" - Plot unknown

10. "In a Class By Himself" - Plot unknown

11. "The Dumpster Doll" - Plot unknown

12. "M.U.B." - Plot unknown

13. "Sympathy Pains" - Plot unknown

14. "Rough Road" - Plot unknown

15. "No Thanks" - Plot unknown

16. "Coffin Fits" - Plot unknown

17. "Walnuts" - Plot unknown

18. "A Litter Bit of Trouble" - Plot unknown

19. "Moving Stairs" - Plot unknown

20. "Matters of Fax" - Plot unknown

21. "Casting Magic" - Plot unknown

22. "Swim Safety" - Plot unknown

23. "Drawn That Way" - Plot unknown

24. "Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies" - Plot unknown

25. "Shell Shocked" - Plot unknown

26. "Feed the Kitty" - A girl neglects her cat's litter box and finds herself in a heap of trouble.

27. "Mummy Chase" - Plot unknown

28. "Being Green" - Plot unknown

29. "First Contact" - Plot unknown

30. "Bark Like a Duck" - Plot unknown

31. "The Rarest of Monsters" - Plot unknown

32. "Choose Your Own Misadventure" - Plot unknown

33. "Killer ID" - Plot unknown

Weenies #7 A possible 8th book may be released.

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