Pragmatic Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9733687-9-9

Published December 10, 2006

Authors: Abid Jan and Rory Winter

As their façade of democracy unravels the colonial fascists are set to wage another world war. The world cries out for justice as regional wars being waged to maintain their status quo of oppressive colonization fail utterly.

Operation 9/11, the war on Afghanistan, the disastrous occupation of Iraq, escalating tensions with Iran, Israeli terrorist attacks on Lebanon ...these are not isolated acts of extremism and war crimes. They are the first warning signs of a growing desperation in the ranks of colonialists to grab, control and monopolize the world's resources under the guise of a new world order.

With Abid Ullah Jan's incisive and sometimes surprising analysis, you can understand the hidden agenda and the powerful players behind today's news headlines.

This book:

  • Gives a detailed account of how we have never lived under a true democracy anywhere in the world.
  • Explains how the unraveling of the democratic facade has exposed the origins of colonialism and its impending doom.
  • Shows how the colonial totalitarians are resorting to wars in utter desperation to save and sustain the most effective and ruthless systems ever developed for global domination.
  • Outlines the way the desperate measures of the defenders of de facto colonization are set to lead us into the third and probably final, cataclysmic world war.
  • Compels its readers to think of the alternatives to the doomed capitalist-colonial order because despite its bringing the ultimate tragedy upon humanity the colonial order will not survive to rule the world again.
  • Debunks the myths about Islamic Empire.
  • Highlights the alternative to the oppressive colonization of the Muslim world.
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