A Scots Pine on a hill near Baysbrown, Cumbria, England.

"The Tree on the Hill" is a short story written by horror author H.P. Lovecraft and Duane W. Rimel. It was written in 1934 and published in 1940 in Polaris.


The story is narrated in the first person. It depicts the main character going outside Hampden and finding a special tree. The tree makes him day dream about a large temple in a land with three suns. The temple is half-violet, half-blue. Some shadows attract him inside. He thinks he sess three flaming eyes watching him. He shouts twice and the vision is gone.

He has a camera and takes many pictures of the tree to show to his friend Theunis. He shows them to him later and they can see three shadows projected by the tree, indicating that there were three suns causing them, as the narrator saw on his dream.

The story is told of a shadow, maybe a demon or dark force, which was trapped by an Egyptian priest, Ka-Nefer. He had a special gem to imprison the shadow. Theunis goes to see the tree to imprison the demon. He loses consciousness but he eventually manages to imprison the shadow. The narrator is instructed to burn the pictures of the tree. When he looks at them for the last time, he can see the shadow of a large claw over the tree.

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