The first issue of Classic Comics from Octonber 1941 features an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. The comic book is now in the public domain.

The Three Musketeers {French: Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a historical fiction adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. The book is set in Paris in 1625, and is about the young musketeer d'Artagnan and his friends Porthos, Aramis and Athos.


D'Artagnan leaves his home to become a musketeer in the kings service, however on the way he gets into duel with a mysterious man, whos name is later revealed to be Rochefort, and loses his letter to the Musketeer captain, and due to this is instead commissioned into the kings guard, one step down from a musketeer.

He quickly manages to get into three duels with men from the Musketeers. And upon arriving at the chosen spot, the three men are amused to find that they all seek blood with the same man. They are all long term friends, Porthos, Aramis and Athos. When d'Artagnan arrives he starts his first duel, however, luckily for d'Artagnan, on that cue man for the cardinals royal guard then appear on the scene. The three musketeers and d'Artagnan draw swords.

The cardinal and the musketeers captain are rivals for the kings favour, and this naturally leads to duelling among the men, once the battle is over the four men are firm friends and their previous quarrels forgotten. However, they have not a penny between them, so they live on favours, eating as much as possible in each sitting.

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