The Sins of the Wolf is the fifth book in Anne Perry's William Monk series. In this book Nurse Hester Latterly, one of Monk's friends, has accepted a job escorting an older lady from Edinburgh, Scotland to London, England. Miss Latterly was one of the nurses who went to the Crimea with Florence Nightengale, making her ideal for this job. She has nursing experience, but unlike most nurses at that time, she was not just a glorified cleaner. Miss Latterly understands a little about medicine and comes from an upper-class family. She looks forward to the chance for paid travel and a relatively easy nursing job. And after she meets Mrs. Mary Farraline, her patient, and a very pleasant lady, she feels this will be an easy, enjoyable job. Mrs. Mary Farraline wishes to travel to London to see her youngest daughter who is pregnant with her first child and very nervous. Alas, things do not go smoothly, and Hester needs the help of her friends, William Monk, Oliver Rathbone and Lady Callandra Daviot.

The Farraline Family

Hamish and Mary Farraline
Hector Farraline (Hamish's younger brother)
The children of Hamish and Mary and their spouses:

Alastair Farraline and his wife Deirdra (Their children are Margaret, Catriona and Robert.)
Baird McIvor and Oonagh (Their children are Alec and Fergus.)
Kenneth Farraline
Quinlan Fyffe and Eilish
Connal Murdoch and Griselda

Copyright: 1994
ISBN: 0-8041-1383-1

The preceding book in the series is A Sudden, Fearful Death and the next book in the series is Cain His Brother.

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