Front cover of an edition of The Ragwitch.

The Ragwitch is a young adult horror/fantasy novel written by Garth Nix. The book was first published in 1990. The story is about two children Julia and her brother Paul.


Julia and her family are on holiday when she discovers a Rag doll on the beach, the doll turns out to be a witch from a different world, it possesses Julia and then spirits her away to its world. Her brother Paul follows them, but finds himself far from them by the time they arrive. Paul soon relishes that the country he finds himself in is unprepared for the return of the Ragwitch, he sets of on a quest to save his sister. Julia meanwhile battles the Ragwitch from inside its brain.

By the end of the book Paul is ready to defeat the Ragwitch, and after a battle he and Julia return to their home.

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