The Name of This Book is Secret is a fantasy novel and the first book in the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch.


This book is about Cassandra, Max-Ernest and their adventure where they try to stop The Alchemists of the Midnight Sun from descovering "The Secret".

The Secret

Exactly what the secret is never reveled in the book but it is rumored to be the secret of inmortality. It was discovered in Egypt and passed through generations. It is currently on a papyrus scroll somewhere in the world.

The Alchemists of The Midnight Sun

The Alchemists of the Midnight Sun are a group of people dedicated to finding the Secret. In the first book, they have a complex somewhere around the city. It is burned down and they rebuild it at an undisclosed location. In the second book, they do not really have a base. In the third book, they have a secret HQ in the Amazon. They include dazzingly beautiful Ms.Mauvias and Dr.L.

The Terces Society

The Terces' name is secret backwards and they have existed for millennia. They include Pietro Bergamo, the leader, Lily Wey, a deadly violin player, and others.

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