The Magic and the Healing (ISBN 0-14-240707-0) by Nick O'Donohoe is a very unusual story that begins with an odd rotation for a small team of veterinary students.

The book is the first of a set of three. The next book in the series is Under the Healing Signand the final volume is The Healing of Crossroads.


Ambulatory Rotation Team

  • BJ Vaughan, student, protagonist
  • Dr. Charles Franklin ("Sugar") Dobbs, professor
  • Lee Anne Harrison, student (grew up on a Clydesdale farm near Mount Airy, North Carolina)
  • Dave ("Gunner") Wilson, student (from Tidewater, Virginia)
  • Annie Taylor, student


  • Brandal, King
  • Harral, Seer
  • Mr. Fields
  • The Griffin

Others from the Vet School

  • Marla Schmidt, student
  • Dr. Truelove, professor
  • DeeDee Parris, student
  • Laurie Klienman, anesthesia technician


  • Morgan
  • Mrs. Sobell
  • Peter Vaughan, BJ's brother


The story is set at the Western Virginia University (Western Vee), the surrounding country side, including the Jefferson National Forest, Brushy Mountain, Kendrick, Virginia and Crossroads.

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