Front cover of a first edition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a children's fantasy novel by C.S. Lewis. It is the first book published (1950) and the second novel chronologically in The Chronicles of Narnia series. It is the best-known book of the series and is often the first one people read, or referred to. The book tells the story of four children in the house of a professor who they were staying with. Lucy Pevensie, and her older siblings, stumbles into a magical land called Narnia by going through a wardrobe. In Narnia, they learn that the land of Narnia has been trapped in perpetual winter for over a century, and only they can free Narnia from the control of a wicked witch.

The first book of the Chronicles of Narnia is The Magician's Nephew. The next book in the series is Prince Caspian, which continues the adventures of the Pevensie children in Narnia.

Some people find these books charming and engaging, while others find some of the Christian symbolism heavy handed.


  • Tolkien was said to dislike The Lion as he thought the story was too allegorical. He also disliked the way C.S.Lewis used the mythical creatures in Narnia.
  • One of the reasons The Lion was so well-known, was its similarity with the story of Christ's death and resurrection. For this reason The Lion is often considered to be allegorical. But Lewis denied this as he wanted the story to be supposal not allegorical.

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