The Changeling is a novel by the Scottish author Robin Jenkins. It was first published in 1958.


Secondary school teacher Charles Forbes decides to take an impoverished student, Tom Curdie, on holiday with his family to the village of Towellan. Tom Curdie is not only from Donaldson's Court and therefore terribly poor, but is also on probation for theft. Charles' colleagues and family both have severe reservations about this idea of Charles', but Tom gains permission from his family and the trip is set.

Unfortunately, Charles' attempt to 'deliver' this young boy from a lifetime of poverty and desperation by taking him on a two-week holiday soon unravels and things spiral downward quickly and tragically.

Key characters

Charles Forbes

Secondary school teacher.

Tom Curdie

One of the students who is at the school on scholarship.

Mary Forbes

Charles' wife.

Gillian Forbes

Charles and Mary's daughter.

Alistair Forbes

Charles and Mary's son.

Mrs. Storrocks

Mary's mother.

Peerie Whitehouse and Chick Mackie

Tom's 'gang'.

Mrs Curdie, Shoogle Kemp, Alec, Molly

Tom's family.

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