The Cereal Murders follows Dying for Chocolate and precedes The Last Suppers in the Goldy Bear series.

copyright 1993
ISBN: 0-553-56773-X

Goldy Bear and her son Arch are now back in their own home in Aspen Meadow, Colorado. Julian Teller, an older student from Arch's school and aspiring caterer, has also joined them. They met Julian when he was boarding in return for some gardening work at the home where Goldy also took a live-in cooking job (recounted in Dying for Chocolate). After that job ended, Julian needed a place to live as he completed his senior year at the school, Elk Park Prep, since they had closed their boarding service.

Goldy is tied to events at Elk Park Prep through Julian, her son Arch, who became a student there over the previous summer and through a series of events she has agreed to cater for the seniors as the school works with them through the emotionally intense college application process.

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