Stephanie Plum is the protagonist of two mystery series by Janet Evanovich. Ms Plum runs through jobs and cars in an amazing fashion; that is, she gets fired a lot, and so do her cars, when they aren't being shot at or blown up. Her primary job through the series is bounty hunting or finding people who are missing or wanted, usually by the law. She is brash, hapless and lucky... getting into and out of trouble with a combination of nerve, recklessness and some "help" from her friends and family. (Some friends and family regularly get her into trouble, while her two romantic interests help her live through it.) She's endearing -- both because the mayhem she leaves in her wake is what we'd all like to do sometimes and, I suspect, because the messier her life appears as she muddles through, the better we can feel about not getting into that kind of scrape.

An example of the mayhem is when she gets a job where her employer accuses Stephanie of stealing, fires her and then claims that Stephanie's car is now the employer's because she left it in their lot. The employer then attempts to drive off in the car, and it explodes. (Eleven on Top, Chapter Six).

Anyone want to count the average number of cars that Stephanie drives, which get destroyed?

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