Slaves in the Family is a non-fiction book by Edward Ball.


The Ball family has deep roots in South Carolina and were owners of slaves. The book deals the realities of what slavery was about, the lives of slaves. Mr. Ball did research to discover many of his relatives are Afro-American as a result of the slave owner practices. The book is well written, deals with a dark side of American history, and is recommended.

This is quote from the flap on the book cover. "This is the story of black and white families who have lived side by side through three hundred years, a tale of everyday people who face their vexed inheritance together. Ball chronicles the lives of people who lived on his ancestors' land: the violence and the opulence, the slave uprisings and escapes, the white and black heroes of the American Revolution, the mulatto children of Ball masters and "Ball Slaves", and the culminating shock of the Civil War."


If you are interested in the history of slavery in the US, you might also want to read Roots: The Saga of an American Family.

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