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The Skin Books trilogy is a young adult fantasy novel trilogy written by Alice Broadway and published by Scholastic UK. This series debuted with "Ink" in 2017.


This book series is about a protagonist named Leora Flint where every moment is tattooed on the skin and then preserved in a 'skin book' once the person dies. However, a community called the "blank community" do not follow this practice, hence why their skin is free of ink, and this has caused divisions between citizens from Saintstone and the "blanks" from Featherstone.

When Leora Flint uncovers some secrets about her father as well as the blanks and her true origin, the truce between the two societies is broken as the truth from both sides has been unveiled. Leora and her allies wished for peace between Featherstone and Saintstone, while others from both communities wish for the contrary: war and the destruction of the other.

Book list

# Name Date of publication (UK) Date of publication (US)
1 Ink February 2, 2017 January 2, 2018
2 Spark April 5, 2018 July 2019
3 Scar April 4, 2019 TBA
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