Science fiction is fiction that revolves around a possibility created by science or technology, generally a possible future scenario. The description made in these writings is mainly about the society and its changes, not only on the scientific aspects of life. One of the fathers of science fiction was Jules Verne. Another one was H. G. Wells. Isaac Asimov is one of the best authors in this genre.

The genre was created in the 19th century and its Golden Age was in the mid 20th century. The short stories published in magazines like Astounding and Amazing had a profound influence on later science fiction [[novel]s and movies.



There are two main subdivisions: hard and soft. Hard is a well documented story, a tale that could be real in the future. Authors on this genre are Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov. On the contrary, the soft one is where the force of mind accounts for the science fiction tricks. For example, on Barsoom series from Burroughs, the main character travels to Mars while in an astral travel.

Other sub-genres include:

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