Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist Geraldine Brooks wrote People of the Book. It is based on the true story of the Sarajevo Haggadah. The storyline moves back and forth in time and place. It tells about the research to learn more about the book's history alternating with the story of those pieces of history, filled in with fictionalized details.

The title is a play on words. Jews are sometimes called "the people of the book" referring to the Torah or sometimes more generally to religions books and study. In this case, the book refers to an illustrated Haggadah. A haggadah is a prayer book that guides the order of the dinner service for Passover.

copyright Geraldine Brooks, 2008
ISBN:978-0-14-311500-7 (paperback)
ISBN:978-0-670-01821-5 (hardcopy)


Other books by Geraldine Brooks include March, Nine Parts of Desire, Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague and Foreign Correspondence.


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