Members of the Idaho Light Foot Militia in 2014.

Militia Standards and Principles of the Light Foot is a non-fiction text. It is a manual on how to organize and train a constitutional militia. The manual was written by Capt. Jeffrey Stankiewicz, a liaison officer with the Idaho Light Foot Militia. The manual describes how to create a militia of light infantry.


0 New Recruit Induction

The first section deals with membership requirements under both Idaho and international law. It also addresses the expectations of all members and the responsibilities members should expect to be assigned.

1 Ethics / Mission Statement

This section outlines the ethical conduct expected of members, and their obligations as members of the unorganized militia as described in Idaho law, including repelling foreign invasions, suppressing domestic insurrections, protecting the citizens of Idaho, defending the United States Constitution and upholding law and order.

2 Duty / Code of Conduct

The code of conduct and duty section outlines the code of conduct for militiamen in times of war and peace, and the expectations placed upon members in regards to training and active service responsibilities.

3 Rank Structure

This section explains the rank structure of members based on their capabilities, and how officers are elected by members of the unit.

4 Unit Structure

This section outlines the unit structure of a light foot militia and the chain of command.

5 Basic Training

The training expectations are outlined, including three levels of proficiency for all skills, including marksmanship (with rifles and pistols), first aid, physical fitness, land navigation, emergency preparedness, unit movements, and field communications. The section also explains the qualifications of S.W.O.R.D. TEAMS (Select Weapons, Ordinance and Reconnaissance Detachment) who have achieved advanced training within the militia.

6 Equipment

This section lists the equipment recommended of all members, including a rifle, sidearm, ammunition, first aid gear, a compass, a knife, and other items, some of which are based on the skill levels achieved by the individual member.

6a Uniform

The Idaho Light Foot Militia uses the woodland camouflage pattern battle dress uniform, with boonie hats being worn by enlisted members and patrol caps worn by officers. The shoulder patches are the American flag on one shoulder, and a Spartan helmet with crossed short sword on the other.

7 Evacuation and Mobilization

This section addresses plans to either evacuate in a danger zone or mobilize for duty, either as an individual or as part of a convoy.

Appendix I - “How to Start a Light Foot Unit”

The appendix contains information on how to recreate a light foot militia modeled after the Idaho Light Foot Militia.

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