Louise Penny is the author of multiple mysteries. Most of them take place in the fictional Canadian village of Three Pines and are solved by Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.

While the plots center around murders, the stories are full of generosity, compassion, and warmth.

From the author's website's Q&A:

Q: In some of the books, Chief Inspector Gamache tells new agents the four sayings that can lead to wisdom - four sentences his own mentor taught him. What are they?
I was wrong
I'm sorry
I don't know
I need help

The series:

  • Still Life (2005)
    • awards: Barry Award for Best First Novel (2007), Anthony Award for Best First Novel (2007), Dilys Award (2007), Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel (2006), CWA New Blood Dagger (2006)
  • A Fatal Grace (2006)
    • Also published as Dead Cold
  • The Cruelest Month (2007)
  • A Rule Against Murder (2008)
  • The Brutal Telling (2009)
  • Bury Your Dead (2010)
  • The Hangman (2010) novella
    • from the Q&A on the author's site, "The Hangman was written for a literacy campaign, for emerging adult readers. It's a novella, and while it features Gamache and is set in Three Pines it is not really part of the series"
  • A Trick of the Light (2011)
  • A Beautiful Mystery (2012)
  • How the Light Gets In (2013)
  • The Long Way Home (2014)
  • The Nature of the Beast (2015)
  • A Great Reckoning (2016)
  • Glass Houses (2017)
  • Kingdom of the Blind (2018)
  • A Better Man (2019)
  • All the Devils Are Here (2020)

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