Repeated failure to follow any of these rules may result in a temporary block. Users who continue to indulge in the same behavior that prompted the block after that block has expired may receive a longer or permanent block.

  • Literature Wiki is about published poems, plays, novels, novellas, short stories, essays, children's picture books, non-fiction books and the authors of those works. Articles which are considered irrelevant to Literature Wiki or beyond its scope will be deleted on sight.
  • This wiki is written in American English. Articles written in languages other than English will be deleted on sight.
  • Articles may also be deleted if they are considered to be uninformative due to being very short or if they are badly written to the point of being incomprehensible.
  • All material you post on Literature Wiki should be written in your own words. Do not copy text from Wikipedia, other wikis, other websites or anywhere else. Do not copy the blurbs from the backs of books. Articles on many other book-related wikis have sections headed "Publisher's summary" that consists solely of a copy of a book's blurb. That is not acceptable here.
  • When editing articles and creating new ones, follow the pattern of our existing articles. Try to make your article look the same as the ones that are already here. Do not try to make your article look different from the other ones on this wiki.
  • Articles should have more text than images. There should not be more than three copyrighted images on a page. You can, however, add as many public domain or free-to-use images as you like. All of the images, videos and sound files on Wikimedia Commons are also available right here on Literature Wiki, giving us access to an enormous amount of public domain and free-to-use media.
  • Although articles about literary works should refer to their adaptations to other media (such as films and TV series), there should not be separate articles about those adaptations.
  • Do not post your own original fiction here. There are plenty of other wikis where you can do that.
  • Uncritical articles about books that promote pseudoscience, pseudohistory, racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of bigotry and hatred may be deleted and the users who posted the articles may be permanently blocked.
  • Although authors of published works are allowed to create articles about themselves and their works here, they should try to make them read like encyclopedia articles and not like advertisements. Any author who creates a page about him or herself should add the category Participating authors to the page.
  • Articles about authors should not only focus on their writings but should present a "warts and all" portrait of the person. Controversies surrounding an author should be addressed and not ignored. Do not attempt to "whitewash" articles about authors by removing references to those controversies.
  • Do not recreate any deleted page without first discussing it with an administrator and gaining his or her approval.
  • Do not edit war. edit warring may result in one or both editors involved being blocked.
  • Be civil. Even if you have disputes with other users, do not insult them. Do not insult other users based on their nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability or age. Use of slurs of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate and permanent block. Harassment of other users will not be tolerated.
  • Follow advice that administrators and more experienced editors give you. This includes advice given directly to you on your talk page or an article's talk page as well as advice in edit summaries and reasons for deletion. If an administrator tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated and will invariably result in a block. The block may be temporary or permanent depending on the extent and the severity of the vandalism and the user's prior conduct.
  • Users who are known to have threatened cross-wiki vandalism elsewhere may be pre-emptively blocked on this wiki.
  • Spam will not be tolerated and will invariably result in a block for the spammer.
  • Users with obscene or offensive user names and/or obscene or offensive avatars will be blocked on sight.