Kenneth Eugene St. Andre, (born on April 28, 1947), is the original designer of the role-playing game Tunnels and Trolls (and several others). He is also a co-designer of the award-winning computer game Wasteland from Interplay and Electronic Arts in 1988.

He is retired and no longer works as a librarian for the City of Phoenix.He has written various short stories, novels and essays and book reviews has designed role-playing games, computer games, essays, articles, and book reviews.  He has a web page for fans of the Tunnels and Trolls game.[1] He has three blogs running currently: Atroll's Entertainment,[2] Delvers Tales[3] and a third[4] which is a vehicle for the publication of flash fiction—not only his own but also the fiction of anyone who sends him a good story.

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Reviews The Mask of Loki (1991) by Roger Zelazny and Thomas T. Thomas


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