Also known as Miss Manners, Judith Martin is the author of a syndicated column and multiple books on etiquette. She was awarded the U.S. National Humanities Medal.

Some of her books on etiquette are

She has also written two novels, Style and Substance and Gilbert ("a comedy of manners").


One of her shorter etiquette responses:

" Dear Miss Manners:
"My husband and I were invited to my friend's house to eat at five, but my husband came home from work at four, starving. He wanted me to call her and see if we could come over then, but I wouldn't. How would you have handled this?
"Gentle Reader:
"With a sandwich."
From Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium, the chapter on "Genuine Social Life", p. 472 of ISBN 0-671-72228-X.

Note: "Miss Manners" is a registered trademark of United Features Syndicate, Inc.


  • The Miss Manners column by Judith Martin is available through several on-line newspaper sites including the Washington Post
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