Jorge Luis Borges.

Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine author. His short stories deal with dreams, other universes, time, infinity, labyrinths, phylosophy and identity. His short story "The Aleph" is one of his most famous writings, it is about a point in the world where a person can see the whole universe.


  • The Aleph (anthology)
  • The Garden of Forking Paths (anthology)
  • The Book of Imaginary Beings (anthology)
  • The Book of Dreams (anthology)
  • A New Refutation of Time (essay)
  • "The Golem" (poem)


Borges' father, Jorge Guillermo Borges, was also a writer but was not successful in his career.

Jorge Luis Borges was influenced by many European and American authors,Rudyard Kipling, Dante Alighieri and H. P. Lovecraft, among them. He started reading at an early age. He could translate from English at 6 and he knew English, French and German well by the age of 12. He started writing essays and poetry before committing fully to writing fiction.

Adolfo Bioy Casares who had a style very similar writing style to Borges, was a friend of his. They both wrote for the same magazine.

Borges never won the Nobel Prize for Literature, but he won many other literary awatds..

During his final years, Borges became almost completely blind and had to use secretaries to keep on writing. He died of liver cancer in 1986.

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