This page has a short, basic introduction to editing this wiki. More assistance on editing and formatting is available at the Central Wikia: Tutorial or the Wikipedia tutorial.

When you first start, don't worry too much about formatting. Other contributors will help with additional content and formatting.

Editing an existing article (page)

  1. Click on the "edit" tab.
  2. Enter your text or changes in the editing box.
  3. Click on the "show preview" button at the bottom.
  4. Do you have additional changes or corrections to make?
    • If not, click on the "save" button.
    • If you have more to do, go ahead and make them in the editing box, then go back to step 3.

Practice editing in the Sandbox.

Creating a new article

There are a few different ways to create a new article.

  • enter the title in the create an article blank on the main page
  • click on a red link (red links indicate links to articles that haven't been created yet)
  • edit the URL to put the new article name in (this one's a bit tricky, so don't use it until you understand the URL patterns for the Wikia)

Now that you've created it, you'll have an edit box where you can enter the text you want.

Simple Formatting

Wiki have simplified formatting commands. Most regular HTML and CSS commands will also work.

Formatting Text

  • Create bulleted items (like this one), put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line.
  • To make text bold, surround it with triple single quote marks like '''bold'''.
  • To make text italic, surround it with double single quote marks like ''italic''.
  • To make text bold, italic, surround it with five single quote marks like '''''bold, italic'''''.

Please practice formatting in the Sandbox, not real articles.


Surround text with equal marks (=) for section headers. The header "Headers" has 3 equal marks on each side. The header "Simple Formatting" has 2 equal marks on each side.


To link to another article (page) on the same Wikia, put the title of the other page in double square brackets. For example, [[Main Page]] creates a link like Main Page.

See Help:Formatting for additional formatting information and links to even more information.

Odds and Ends

If you have questions or comments on an article, enter them on the "discussion" page. (Click on the discussion tab and then the edit tab.) To sign your comments, enter --~~~~. Sign discussion pages and reviews (opinion pieces), but not articles (for example, not on factual information about books and authors).

See Literawiki:Conventions for some of the things that are good to have in each article. For example, an article on a book should have a link to the book's author(s).

Wikis based on the new Unified Community Platform (UCP) may look or behave differently to what is described below.
See this page for more information on the new platform.

The VisualEditor

Wikia editor2

The classic editor

Editing on Fandom is as simple as clicking the "Edit" button on a page. Doing so will take you to an edit page where you can make changes to the page and add new information and media, correct errors, or update the formatting.

Depending on whether you are logged in or not, you may receive a different editing experience:

Most anonymous and newer users will see the VisualEditor. It's an editing experience based around showing you an accurate visual representation of your changes.
Help:Classic editor
Other users will see the classic editor, including the older visual editing experience and basic source wikitext editing.

Quick tips

  • Once you are in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout, and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the "Publish" button to update the page.
  • Don't be afraid if you "break" anything. All edits to a page are stored in the page history, and if something does go wrong you can simply revert to an older version.
  • If you want to edit a page without clicking the "Edit" button, you can press E on your keyboard, and the page will automatically load the preferred editor.
  • Editing is not yet possible through the Fandom app or Community Apps.

Choosing an editor

Logged in users can choose their default editor from a dropdown list in their user preferences (found here).

Setting Meaning
VisualEditor Shows the VisualEditor on all communities.
Classic rich-text editor
(where available)
Shows the classic rich-text editor where available.
If not, the source editor is shown.
Source editor Shows the basic source editor on all communities.

Anonymous users will almost always see the VisualEditor by default. In a few specific cases, the VisualEditor may not be available on a particular community.

Additionally, the alternative editors can still be found under the Edit button dropdown - for example, you can still access the classic editor from the dropdown even if the VisualEditor is the default.

Further help and feedback

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