ISBN 0973368764 Pages: 219 Author: Abid Ullah Jan Pragmatic Publishing

In this book, the author (Abid Ullah Jan) digs up the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) issue to show how the Bank became a victim of a grand entrapment process by the U.S. government and how that process continues till this day.

The book shows how ISI, Pakistan's military intelligence agency, has played a role in another frame-up: this time for 9/11. How in the process ISI itself was trapped is another interesting aspect covered in this book.

Pakistan has been blackmailed. But it has yet to face the full consequences of ISI's knowingly or unknowingly playing a role in the 9/11 and getting entrapped in the game of double set up. The book builds the case for general Musharraf to speak up and tell the truth to save Pakistan and humanity from the curse of modern-day fascists.

Musharraf is talking only about the bombing threat and not about the reason the US would have given to the world for bombing Pakistan. The reason was very clear: ISI's role in Operation 9/11.

The more the scheme to dismantle ISI exposes, the more we know about General Musharraf's earlier request to Benazir government to eliminate the role of ISI, the more it becomes evident that Musharraf was not taken by surprise after 9/11.

Musharraf was as much part of the big plan, including the framing of ISI as his associates in the United States. We recommend a study of From BCCI to ISI. Evidence to prove the conclusions of this book right are coming before us with increasing frequency.

This book proves that ISI was used in Operation 9/11 and that information was used to threaten and blackmail Pakistan. General Musharraf admitted on September 21, 2006 -- five years after 9/11 and 2 months after publication of this book -- that the US threatened him into submission.

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