Front cover of an edition of Eleanor and Park.

Eleanor and Park (ISBN 1250012570) is a young adult romantic novel by the American writer Rainbow Rowell. It was first published in 2013.


The novel tells the story of two misfits who find out that they have a lot more in common than they originally thought. Park Sheridan is a half-American, half-Korean boy who is obsessed with music and comics. He has no interest in girls until one day Eleanor Douglas, the chubby redheaded girl, sits next to him on the bus.

At first Park despises Eleanor, but he soon grows to love her. They share comic books and headphones on the bus in Omaha, Nebraska, and soon grow to love each other. Eleanor's family, the obstacles of high school, and the complex nature of their relationship ultimately creates problems.


The movie rights for Eleanor and Park were purchased in 2014. The film is currently in development.

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