Abid Ullah Jan.

Abid Ullah Jan is a community development specialist and the author of several books both on community development,[1] as well as international affairs, However, he discontinued his political analysis in 2007 and removed his works on the subject from the public domain, as far as possible.

Since 2006-07, Abid Ullah Jan has devoted  his time to learning and exploring existential questions that have haunted human beings since the beginning of time – questions concerning the essence of what it means to be alive, such as: What is life? What is the meaning and the essence of existence? Are we here merely by chance or is there a greater purpose for our existence? How should we live our life? What is death? What happens when we die? And above all: Is there a God, and, if so, what is the purpose of our existence in that context?

After ten years of giving up on the traditional political analysis, Abid Ullah Jan had thoroughly explored the world of knowledge as a neutral researcher. So, in 2016 Abid Jan started sharing his findings in the form of video documentaries. [2] bring to us the essence of Abid Ullah Jan 27 years of critically analyzing the roots of our existential crisis.

Abid Ullah Jan is also helping educating youth to understanding living a moderate life[3] and avoid going to the extremes, which also include demystifying the concept of the 72 virgins,[4] which misguides young and new Muslims in particular.


  1. Abid Ullah Jan's books on poverty alleviation and community mobilization are available here His manuals on crime prevention and community safety are available here
  2. The documentaries and short videos can be found here and on the YouTube channel, PeaceQuest
  3. Video onliving a moderate life.
  4. tVideo on the concept of 72 virgins
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